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Welcome at project ksudoku website.
Sudoku game for KDE by Francesco Rossi

Currently and continuously manintained and developed via SVN by Johannes Bergmeier, Mick Kappenburg and Francesco Rossi

Latest Released Version 0.4 (17/03/2007) download.

Version 0.4 Changelog:
- Added support for custom shaped sudokus
- Samurai sudoku
- Jigsaw sudoku, XSudoku, 4x4
- Added new export system (you can print multiple puzzles in the same page)
- File format is now XML
- Added new welcomescreen and settings dialog
- Internal structure changed

Press about ksudoku:
- Linux User (issue 63, February 2006) English - German
- Linux Format (LXF 76 - February 2006)

Project page at sourceforge.net
Comments at www.kde-apps.org

How to play
Some mathematics

Please contact me for any help.


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